Media Pack

Our Media Pack provides you with an overview of the RMBI, who we are and what services we provide. We also have a range of case studies, where staff and residents say in their own words how it is to work or live at one of our Homes. 

Furthermore, you can find out key facts and statistics about our Homes and the care sector and how to access images and videos. 

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Who we are

Caring has been our way of life since 1842 and we provide a home for over 1,000 people across England and Wales – while supporting many more.

Whether people need residential or nursing care, specialist dementia support or day services, we care for them professionally and kindly.

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Our Services

A care home combines freedom from the stresses of keeping up a home, with the security of knowing that your needs will be met.For some people it not only provides better care but brings a new lease of life – free from the worries of trying to cope alone. We are committed to delivering services that promote the dignity, independence and choice of the individuals we support.Read more

Case Studies

Our residents and staff tell their very own stories of how it is to live and work at RMBI Homes.

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Elsie and Stan are 96 and 84 years old and have been living at RMBI care home Cadogan Court in Exeter for over three years. The married couple moved into the Home’s residential house on 2 April 2013.

Elsie’s family is from Essex but she was born in London where she met Stan, a true Cockney who was born within the sound of Bow Bells. They met at a youth hostel and married on 11 June 1960 in Goodmayes in northeast London.


Key Facts


Longest residing resident 

86 years

Average age of people first moving into our homes

105 years

Our oldest resident

How to access images and videos

To access images and videos, please get in touch with the Marketing TeamWe have a range of professional photos of our Homes, residents and staff available and we are currently in the process of creating video material about our Homes.

If you would like to access any photos, please contact the Marketing Team with your specific request, stating the purpose of your enquiry and how and where you are intending to use the photos. Please use the details below to get in touch. 

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