Muriel Barfoot, resident at Shannon Court in Hindhead, has celebrated her 100th Birthday with family and friends at the care home. To mark the special milestone on 15 February, Muriel enjoyed cake, sandwiches and some sweet treats and was joined by her daughter, grandson, his wife and her four great grandchildren. She was also thrilled to be presented with a birthday card from the Queen.
Residents and staff at Connaught Court in Fulford, have been making the most of the recent snowy weather. Staff members brought some of the snow inside the Home for residents to feel and touch it. Residents got creative and built a tiny indoor snowman. Activities Coordinators Stephanie and Fran said: "Whilst the UK is experiencing wintery weather conditions, we used the opportunity to create a sensory experience for our residents, which supports their health and wellbeing. Touching the snow was exciting for our residents and everyone had a good laugh at the mini snowman."
Residents and staff at Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court in Braintree, have been making the most of the recent snowy weather. On Thursday, 1 March, staff members went outside in the Home's grounds, accompanied by brave resident Lin Baker, to collect snow for those who preferred to stay inside. Deputy Manager Katrina Karolchyk also lay in the snow to create a snow angel. Back in the warmth of the Home's lounge, residents got to feel and touch the snow that was brought inside.