A resident at  Cornwallis Court, in Bury St Edmunds, has celebrated her 100th birthday. Dorothy Crane enjoyed a party at the Home, where she has lived since 2008, with her friends. She was presented with a birthday cake made by the Home’s chef, whilst everyone sang Happy Birthday! She was delighted to receive an official birthday card from Her Majesty the Queen. Dorothy was born in Ipswich on 27th January 1920. She grew up Melton in Suffolk.
Residents at Connaught Court in Fulford, were delighted this week when a little therapy pony came to visit. Residents were all smiles when Taz, a beautiful, dappled brown and grey American miniature pony, arrived at the Home. Katy Smith, owner of K & L Pony Therapy, led Taz all around the Home, so that residents could pet and stroke him. They even stopped off at some residents’ rooms so that they could be introduced.
Residents at Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court in Porthcawl are among the first in the country (and the first in Porthcawl!) to try the latest mobile ‘magic table’ technology. The Home has installed a Mobii magic table to floor system so that residents can benefit from an abundance of stimulating sensory activities.