Staff at Cadogan Court in Exeter, have teamed up with a local birds of prey centre, to bring some fascinating creatures to meet with residents. The Hawkridge Birds of Prey team brought an array of birds including a South African owl, a European Eagle, and a Tawny owl which is native to England, to the care home on 7 February. During the session, some of the residents who have limited eye sight, were able to hold the birds and touch their feathers, whilst learning interesting facts about how to care for the animals.
It was pizzas all around at Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court in Mid Glamorgan earlier this month. Staff and residents at Home marked National Pizza Day on February 9th by making homemade pizzas. A US study suggests that pepperoni most popular pizza topping, however residents at the care home favoured tuna as their number one pizza topping, with other topping choices including  pineapples, mushrooms, ham, peppers and onions to create their own flavours.
Residents at Connaught Court in Fulford, York, teamed up with students from Fulford School for a Valentine's Day lunch. The event was hosted by the school's Year 10 Technology GCSE group and Year 10 Work Skills students, who invited the care home residents to join them for a delicious Valentine's meal on 13 February 2017 at Fulford School.