Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court residents raise a toast to Abbots Ale

14 March 2017

Residents at Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court are raising their glasses as they crown their favourite ale.

The Home in Mid Glamorgan started a tasting club a year ago, trying all sorts of items from cheese to beers. As the club took off, the residents started to rate the items, and last month’s session was all about bottled ales.

“The club tried different ales from Blonde Witch to Waggle Dance and King Goblin, with 10 ales in total to choose from. Abbots Ale was ranked favourite with our residents with the ales being rated for things such as flavour and smoothness,” said Business Administrator Rebecca Timms.

When the Home informed Abbots Ales of residents’ love for their product, the Suffolk based Ale Company generously sent over some complimentary bottles to the Home to show their appreciation. The drinks were enjoyed during a recent Steak Night for residents, their Association of Friends and other guests.