'Back to the floor' work experience day at Ecclesholme

21 December 2018

As part of the ‘Back to the Floor’ commitment by the senior managers, Regional Care Operations Manager Pauline Hunter visited Ecclesholme to learn how the domestic team keep the Home clean and tidy.

Pauline decided to visit Ecclesholme which predominantly supports people with dementia because she wanted to see how the challenges people living with dementia face impact the staff team.

In addition, Pauline chose to work with the domestic team because her sister is a dedicated housekeeper in a care home in Scotland and wanted to learn more about her daily life. Her sister talks with pride about the work she does.

While working with Domestic Assistant Carolyn Mynard, Pauline witnessed how much pride Carolyn had in her work. It was clear that Carolyn cared about achieving high standards, particularly when she was cleaning the residents’ rooms. She cared about little touches like dressing the beds exactly how each resident liked them.

While Pauline was cleaning one of the residents’ bedrooms, she noticed one of the slippers was missing.  Pauline and Carolyn eventually found it in the wardrobe and noticed a ring inside. The ring was a wedding ring belonging to the resident which had been apparently missing for a few weeks. The whole staff team were thrilled that the missing ring had been found.

Throughout the day, Pauline took part in cleaning the communal bathrooms with Carolyn, then joined Wendy Sighe and Gina Walker in the laundry room, where she was assigned to iron and fold residents’ clothes. Pauline was amazed with the team’s work effort and how they can easily take on extra tasks without complaining. She learned that comfortable footwear was of the utmost importance!

Pauline said: “I am very grateful to the ladies at Ecclesholme for making my time enjoyable and informative. I have a renewed appreciation of them and of my sister. 

“They do a really tough but essential job and they do it with pride and care. They are there to meet the needs of their residents and really understand the importance of doing a good job. 

“Thank you ladies for the wonderful job you do and for being so kind to your rookie.”