Cadogan Court residents take up painting as new hobby

24 February 2016

A recent study by researchers at a US clinic suggests that activities such as painting, drawing and sculpting in old age can dramatically lower the risk of developing dementia by 73%. The results found that engaging in creative activities can have enormous benefits for the mental health and wellbeing of older people. Staff at RMBI care home Cadogan Court in Exeter have put this idea into action and organised a creative workshop for residents.

Residents enjoyed a morning of painting beautiful landscapes, inspired by pictures of the seaside. Activity Coordinator Angela Webb said: "Our residents loved participating in the new workshop, which allowed them to experiment with different colours and painting techniques. It is fascinating to see so many of them engaged in the activity and it may well become their new hobby."

Cadogan Court aims to organise more art and creativity-based sessions to help residents reminiscence and to support their health and wellbeing.