Connaught Court residents get back to nature for Easter

21 April 2017

Residents at Connaught Court in Fulford, York, have been enjoying nature and it's beautiful spring for Easter.

During an art and craft session, staff and residents created their own Easter tree from a tree branch and decorated it with coloured eggs, ribbons and spring decorations. The result sparked conversations about Easter traditions and continues to brighten up the Home's lounge.

Afterwards, residents and staff made a trip to Dean's Garden Centre in York for a sensory experience.

Activities Coordinator Fran Tagg said: "Smelling and touching the flowers at the garden centre was a real sensory experience for our residents that brought a big smile to their faces. Residents love getting outside, especially with the weather getting warmer, and it has a great effect on their health and wellbeing."

Finally, the group enjoyed an afternoon tea at the centre's café before heading back to the Home.