Cornwallis Court residents start conservation committee to protect local wildlife

16 May 2017

To protect the natural wildlife in the Home's gardens, residents at Cornwallis Court in Bury St Edmunds, have recently started a voluntary conservation committee at the Home.

The 'Conservation Friends' are made up of residents and staff members to discuss improvements projects for the care home's gardens and outside areas. Supported by expertise knowledge from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and horticulturist and gardener James Berrington, the group looks at refurbishing the Home's pond to provide a living space for frogs, newts and fishes, including Harold the Heron.

At the rear of Cornwallis Court, a meadow will also become a home for small mammals, such as hedgehogs.

Activities Coordinator Alex Winter says: "The idea came up after a hedgehog sadly drowned in our pond after having fallen in. We now hope to equip the pond with a safety ramp for mammals to get out again if they do fall in, and we aim to work together with Suffolk Wildlife Trust and local schools to bring residents and the community together for this project. "

"Getting out into nature and doing their part for the environment, helps residents to feel part of the community and aids their health and wellbeing," adds Alex' colleague Sam Wiseman.