Fulford care home residents take a walk on the wild side

10 September 2019

Residents at RMBI Care Co. Home Connaught Court in Fulford, York, took a walk on the wild side this week.

An 8ft boa constrictor snake, a Brazilian tarantula, a chameleon, a skunk, a bearded dragon and a chinchilla were among the exotic creatures that delighted residents with a surprise visit to the Home.

The exotic creatures visited with Noah’s Ark and residents were given the opportunity to stroke or hold them, while learning more about them from their handlers.

Among the residents was 98 year old Connie Ireland who was the first in line to handle the tarantula. While Barbara Knowles, also 98, got cosy with the aromatic skunk!

Barbara exclaimed: “I didn’t notice the smell, she was lovely. I love all of them!”

Stephanie Taylor, an Activities Coordinator at RMBI Home Connaught Court, said:

Our residents were supremely brave. They were fascinated by these wonderful animals and were only too delighted to get up close and personal! It made for a very different and interesting activity and it was a joy watching the interaction between the animals and residents. It’s fair to say that everyone enjoyed their time with our unlikely guests!”