Prince Edwards Duke of Kent Court in Essex has celebrated 20 years on 20 January 2019 since it officially opened.  To mark the special occasion, staff organised a masquerade ball for residents, their families and friends - complete with a champagne reception and a red carpet to welcome guests. Residents decorated masks for the ball and a few of the ladies went on a shopping trip to get new dresses for the occasion.
Residents at Prince Michael of Kent Court, in Watford, were all of a flutter this week when some friendly feathered visitors came to visit. Rocky the Barn owl, Norman the Eagle owl, Bert the Tawny owl and Sparky the Saker falcon were among the guests. Delighted residents loved meeting them and learning all about them from Colin Sutherland, Founder of Wings of Freedom. One resident who was especially delighted by the visit was Dorothy Morrow. Dorothy explained to staff that she had owned a pet pigeon for many years which she was very fond of.
A resident at Connaught Court in Fulford has celebrated his 100th birthday. Hugh McLeod, known as ‘Mac’, was surprised and delighted to receive a birthday card from HM The Queen. He also received a telegram from Amber Rudd MP on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions, thanking him for his many years of service in engineering.