Residents, staff and Friends of Harry Priestley House in Doncaster celebrated summer in style on Sunday 3 August with the opening of their new summerhouse. Harry Priestley House is home to 12 residents who have a learning disability. This year the residents had special reason to celebrate summer with the opening of their new summerhouse, funded by West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd. The residents also eagerly made use of brand new garden furniture provided generously by the Friends of Harry Priestley House.
To mark the centenary of the World War 1, residents from RMBI care home Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court in Mid Glamorgan have been planting poppy seeds in the grounds of the Home. The Homes poppy planting activity is part of a larger scheme organised by the Porthcawl Shout Forum who have arranged for residents of the town to plant thousands of Flanders Poppies throughout Porthcawl. Flanders poppies are an internationally recognised symbol of remembrance because they bloomed on the battlefields of Belgium and France during the war.
RMBI care home Connaught Court in York was delighted to receive the donation of a new organ from "The Charles and Elsie Sykes Trust" fund. To mark the donation, the Home held a blessing on 14 July in their chapel. The service was conducted by reverend W.Bro, Frank A Chappell along with the Home’s Chaplain, Christine Sawyer. Present at the service was Rt.W.Bro Jeffrey Gillyon, the PGM of Yorkshire, North and East Riding. Rt.W.Bro Graham Ives, PGM of Lincolnshire and Rt.W.Bro, David Pratt of Yorkshire West Riding.