Advice and Support Team

The Advice and Support Team is a team of professional advisers supporting RMBI Care Co. and the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF). 

The team provides a free, independent and confidential service, offering advice, guidance and support on a range of issues that affect individuals, via personal home visits, telephone or post. 

Every case is treated in the strictest confidence, with sympathy, tact, diplomacy and sensitivity. The Team support vulnerable people whose trust and confidence is respected.



The team offers advice on:

  • How to apply for residency in an RMBI Home
  • How to finance residency in a care home
  • Pre-admission assessments
  • Advice on all services offered by RMBI Care Co., MCF and by statutory and voluntary agencies
  • Advice on RMBI Care Co.'s services such as home improvement loans and holidays

Supporting Lodge Almoners

The Team also works closely with Lodge Almoners and accompany home visits, offer support and make visits for Almoners who may be worried about the welfare of someone they know. In addition, the Advice and Support Team also attend Lodge meetings, coffee mornings, fellowship groups and are able to give talks on behalf of RMBI Care Co. 

Whatever your need, the Advice and Support Team is available to help.  

To get in touch with the Advice and Support Team, please contact us.

Advice and Support Team

General Enquiries 020 7596 2400​

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