Association of Friends

In all RMBI Homes, a volunteer group of local Freemasons exist, called the Association of Friends. The associations work closely with the Homes and support them in providing the highest level of care for our residents. 

The groups are also a great opportunity for local Freemasons and their dependants to practically support the work of the charity.

Fundraising and Events

Each year, events and activities are organised to help raise funds for the benefit of residents in the Homes. Members of the Association of Friends identify areas where they can assist the Home and provide extra service and facilities for the residents.

For example, in all of our Homes, the Association of Friends have raised significant funds to provide minibuses and adapted cars for residents' use. They also organise social events and entertainment in the Homes. 

Befriending Residents

Members of the Association of Friends provide comfort and reassurance to many residents who have minimal or no contact with relatives.

Furthermore, the Association of Friends work closely with lodges and other Masonic organisations to encourage their members and wives to also support their work. They also assist residents wishing to attend Masonic meetings.