What People Say

We are committed to giving our residents and their relatives a voice and encourage families to provide feedback on the quality of our services.

We actively promote residents forums and regularly carry out satisfaction surveys that are benchmarked to the industry to ensure that we continue to improve and develop our services to meet people’s needs and expectations.

Each year we gather the opinions of residents’ relatives through our own independent survey, conducted by Ipsos Mori. We also conduct annual resident’s surveys through the care sector initiative, Your Care Rating.

The surveys are an important indicator of our performance and help to ensure that our services continue to meet the needs and expectations of those using them.

Thank you letters

Relatives of a former resident at Connaught Court in York, January 2015

"We would like to thank you, the nursing and care team, the management team, the catering team, the housekeeping team and maintenance team (and anyone we may have neglected to mention) for the wonderful care and attention given to G. and ourselves during the time he lived at Connaught Court.

"G. was so happy during his stay with you and his quality of life was enhanced by the care and attention he received. You all helped to make his finals days peaceful and comfortable and we cannot thank you enough for the respect and care given to G.

"Thank you, too, for taking care of us. The help and support we received was exemplary, both then and later at the funeral. Special thanks to everyone who looked after us and our guests during the funeral service and at the reception. Thank you doesn't seem enough, but for the time being will have to suffice. There will of course be a large G. shaped gap in our lives but also a Connaught Court gap we shall need to fill! Many thanks once again for everything."

Relative of a former resident at The Tithebarn in Liverpool, January 2015

"I am writing to express my thanks for all the care given to my mother over the last three years and for the compassion for her shown by all the friends I have made at The Tithebarn. I include in this not only front-line care staff but all those who I came across less frequently, cleaning, laundry, kitchen and maintenance staff. I should also mention the Friends of the Tithebarn. 

"I first came through the door of The Tithebarn at lunchtime on Christmas Eve 2011, a very worried man. Mum had just had emergency life-saving surgery the day before and it was clear that she was going to need a great deal of support when she came out of hospital. It was immediately obvious that the atmosphere was warm and homely and the standard of care was clearly highly professional. It would be fair to say that the first sixty seconds changed (for the better!) my perception of what a care home could be.

"I have been so impressed that managers, shift leaders and care staff have always been aware of my mother's changing needs and have handled them so well. In an organisation that works across shift patterns, I know that this is not an easy task and can be achieved only with a high level of inter-communication and a deep interest in the welfare of residents.

"The 'feel' of The Tithebarn is quite magical. It is a home and, as it should be with a home, there is a feeling of a 'family'. I have got to know many members of staff well over three years and will miss the cups of coffee, the biscuits and the chat. Thank you. I wish you all well for the future."

Participant in the RMBI Holidays, September 2015

"I just felt that I must sit down and convey my thanks to you for the wonderful two weeks that I enjoyed in Westcliffe-on-Sea with you and all your great friends and colleagues. For my self, I have never had two weeks holiday in one go and I was very apprehensive and nervous about attending but within minutes of arriving and being met by such as warm welcome, my worries disappeared. 

"The action packed fortnight was just amazing and the effort, care and consideration taken by all your team was a joy to behold. I can honestly say that in all my years, I have never encountered such nice people who give so much time, energy and enthusiasm to a project."

Relative of a former resident at Lord Harris Court in Berkshire, October 2015

"I wanted to write to show my appreciation to all the staff at Lord Harris Court for the way you cared for my Nan, and our family, during the last year of her life. Making the decision to move Nan from her home was extremely difficult. It was something which took a while for Nan to understand and accept.

"Your patience with her and the love you've shown her confirmed that we'd made the right choice and convinced her very quickly that it was the best place for her, even if it meant leaving her home. From the first weekend your staff worked tirelessly to make her, and us, feel welcome. The Home felt like exactly that, a home.

"The activities provided and companionship encouraged allowed her last years to be more fulfilled than we could have ever hoped for if she had remained at home. I was moved by the emotion shown by the staff as their shifts changed and they came in to say goodbye to Nan during her final days.

"Please don't ever stop doing what you do, You are a credit to your profession and you are making an immeasurable difference to the lives of your residents and their families by working the way you do. You took care of my Nan and made things easier for us during a very difficult time and for that we will forever be in your debt."