Our Corporate Values

Caring is our way of life. As an organisation we are: 

Personal, Professional, Supportive, Learning, Respectful, and above all Kind.

We aim to live by these values, and this is shown throughout our work and how we treat others. 

  • We are personal, caring for residents and each other in a way that meets their individual needs. 
  • We are professional, drawing on best practice to work together and provide expert care. 
  • We are supportive, enabling our residents to live the best lives possible - and fostering a sense of community within the RMBI and our Homes.
  • We are learning, continually seeking out ways to improve what we do, using mistakes as development opportunities and embracing innovation and creativity in our approach to care.
  • We are respectful and proud of our heritage, our residents and each other. 
  • Above all, we are kind, dealing with everyone we meet both compassionately and warmly. 

We use a person centred approach to care for and support our residents. This includes looking at the world from their point of view to appreciate how they might be feeling. Our approach makes the care we provide individual to each resident and ensures that we always deliver the highest level of service in our Homes.